Pressure washer cleaning trick ֠Faster?

Winter you know what I hate winter hate rain clouds and clouds yeah so winter time rain makes a pavement wet and then it stays wet because it’s overcast all the time and then what happens is algae grows now I want no one wants algae look at its dirty dirty bad algae dirty and then washing it off the ground that takes precious time I don’t have. Sweet heart, can you wash the concrete in the patio like you promised? I’m playing Atari! You can play it later Space invaders…PLAYING! go and wash it now Playing ATARI so if you do need to clean up the backyard pavement here’s a simple life hack to make a job far more enjoyable and probably heaps quicker too so closing pavement clean apart from helping by relieving your local dam of excess water it allows us the privilege of being able to etch stuff onto the ground which is cool because it is fun using something like your hand is a great stencil see it looks like a high-five to ground we’re friends now so I’ve got lots of ground here and lots of algae so we’re going to make it big stencil and we’re going to do it 8-bit game style now the stencil for this delightful green canvas will be Atari space invaders first I worked out that pixels are square because I’m like a scream scientist man.


Bricks aren’t square neither tangerines half a brick and square like a pixel so a whole brick is kind of like two pixels. yes bricks will be our template lots of bricks I printed out some space invaders 8-bit screenshots and then divide it up into individual pixels or half bricks and full bricks see how many old need and then I also uses to work out the spacing between the blip, blip, blip, space bug guys I have a fairly large collection of bricks in storage just in case of a brick emergency you never know I grabbed these out and stack them up in place and then the other thing you’ll need is a high pressure washer and then it’s simply a case of working out where you want your graphics to be and start assembling it based on the picture I had way less half bricks than I would have liked to have so I could only assemble one character at a time when laying out the bricks I really concentrate on getting the lines straight so the whole image wouldn’t be skewed when it was finished using a long straight piece of wood or something can help with getting this right then you just need to get your high pressure washer eye protection is kind of recommended when you’re working around objects like this because you get a lot of blowback now the head on this washer has a rotating nozzle which helps a clean better but not only there you get this cool wavy water effect when you film it with a camera this is a frame syn effect and I actually did a video about that recently on my second channel which you can check out if you were cool look at that waviness that’s awesome now keep in mind you can still do this with a garden hose if you’ve got good water pressure like you’ll generally use a lot more water for a lesser result and people will laugh at you behind your back so I kept moving from character to character and to get the spacing right I’ll use spare bricks you can also use a tape measure but I’ve been using brick units all my life and have trouble switching back and forth once you finish is stenciling it’s just the case of lightly washing off your algae soaked water and then you can enjoy your design so the end result I managed to turn a quick and easy half-hour job into a four and a half hour project but not only that the algae that’s left behind and probably accelerate the growth of new algae so I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to clean up your backyard more effectively as always as many more videos to come please consider subscribing if you haven’t no pressure maybe write down the pros and cons of both and then if subscribing complements your existence go for it I’m Craig Turner my youtube channel is Turnah81 thank you for watching and I’ll catch you next time